How do I contact you?

You can message using the help@bespokebiotics.co.uk email address. Please note the office is closed on UK Weekends & Bank Holidays.

Can I find out when a product is back in stock?

You can email help@bespokebiotics.co.uk. Please note that suppliers change their dates from time to time and we will give you the most accurate date that we are aware of at the time.

What happens if I get the incorrect item?

We pick and pack all orders with the utmost care however, as each parcel is prepared manually, errors can occasionally occur. If you are returning items that are damaged, mis-shipped or the result of an error on our part, you will be refunded for the relevant part of the order and we will pay the return shipping costs. Items should be returned in their original product packaging and not damaged.

If you have received the wrong product or parcel, please contact help@bespokebiotics.co.uk

Please ensure you've included the following information:

  • The email address you used to place your order
  • Your order number
  • Details of the item(s) missing from your order

Should you take your product with a glass of water?

Yes. Always ensure that tablets or capsules are taken with plenty of liquid to help swallowing and to wash it down. It is not recommended to take tablets or capsules with hot drinks because it will cause the tablet or capsule to disintegrate too early. Many supplements are also better taken with food however refer to the instructions.

How should you store your supplements?

Generally, food supplements should be stored in cool, dry conditions, and dark conditions. Hot and/or humid conditions may shorten product life. Always close the lid tightly after use and if consuming the product more than once a day, try to remove the total amount needed for the day at one time.

Can you use supplements past their expiry date?

Somewhat surprisingly there is no danger in using a product past its expiry providing it has been stored correctly (e.g. in a cool dark environment - which in many countries in Europe is relatively easy to achieve). The expiry is more of a guarantee regarding potency as there may be a small degradation of the active ingredient over time. Once a product reaches its expiry date there is no overnight change in the product. It does not have a built-in clock and will continue to be safe to use but may provide slightly less than the stated strength on the package.

In fact scientific research has demonstrated that 12 out of the 15 tablets tested had over 90% potency after 30 years past the expiry date!

Does Bespoke Biotics test on animals?

No, we have never tested any of our products on animals and never will.

Does Bespoke Biotics deliver overseas?

Post Brexit there are certain restrictions on what can be sold outside of the UK. Contact us for

What is Bespoke Biotics Environmental and Sustainability Policies?

Bespoke Biotics, sustainability is a top priority. We work with manufacturing facilities who share our commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment. Our manufacturers take the following steps to ensure sustainability:

  • Operate a minimal waste to landfill policy
  • Recycle all of our surplus capsules and tablets through bio-conversion
  • Re-use and recycle all of our plastics, glass, cardboard, and paper
  • Offer organic and clean-label products
  • Provide sustainable packaging options
  • Advise on packaging recycling instructions for our customers
  • Continually invest in hi-tech machinery to create minimum pollution

In addition to these efforts, we are committed to sustainability in our own products.

♻️Our bottles and lids are made from a food-grade HDPE-2 polymer , which is recyclable♻️

We encourage our customers to recycle our bottles and lids after use to help reduce waste and minimize our impact on the environment. Together, with our manufacturers and customers, we can make a positive impact on the world and create a more sustainable future. 

At Bespoke Biotics, we are proud to offer products that are manufactured with the utmost care for the environment. With our commitment to sustainability and our partnership with responsible manufacturers, you can trust that Bespoke Biotics is making a positive impact on the world.

Does Bespoke Biotics Manufacture Overseas?

No. All products are made in the UK. We are a British company and our products are manufactured to UK GMP standards. Note that nutrients and herbs can come from around the world, but they are sourced to strict pharmaceutical or food grade standards.