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Welcome to Bespoke Biotics, where we specialise in providing research-led functional nutrition supplements tailored to your health goals. Our products include MigraSoothe, our flagship product that provides effective migraine relief, as well as neurological products that support the gut-brain axis and nootropics that enhance cognitive function. We also offer supplements to help improve mood, sleep, and overall wellbeing.

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About MigraSoothe 🧠💊

MigraSoothe is our range of specialist supplements that we have identified as supporting migraine as well as other neurological conditions.

  • Our supplements contain ingredients such as riboflavin (actually NHS recommended), magnesium, Co Q10, herbs like feverfew and ginger, and other essential vitamins and minerals.
  • What's more, actual scientific research has shown that our supplements based on riboflavin are as effective or more effective than many of the prescribed drugs that doctors offer, and they do not have the negative side-effects (other than making urine yellow!).
  • You can visit our information website to lean more about migraines here (but you will need to purchase from this site).
We have taken it upon ourselves to spread this message because most doctors are unaware that this is a suitable solution, as they cannot prescribe it on the NHS in the usual way, but can only recommend it for patients to purchase themselves.

Our Story 📖🌟

Our founders, Prince and Peter, are veterans of the pharma industry who realised that conventional medicine is only part of the answer to good health. With their scientific backgrounds, they founded Bespoke Biotics to provide customers with the latest research and best nutritional products on the market.

Why Choose Us? 🤔💪

At Bespoke Biotics, as a family led business, we are committed to meeting your specific health goals.

  • Our facilities are GMP-certified, providing pharma-grade quality products that you can trust. We offer global distribution through partners from our UK-based facilities, and all of our products are research and development-based, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality.
  • Our products are made in the UK and we use mostly vegetarian capsules, which are easy to swallow and absorb.
  • Our bottles are fully recyclable and postage-friendly. We also offer a money-back guarantee on all of our products.

Why Us Instead of the High Street? 🚫🛍️

Many of the supplements and multivitamins sold on the high street are inferior to what we offer at Bespoke Biotics.

  • For example, multivitamins from high street brands often contain elements that compete for absorption, making them less effective.
  • Calcium and iron, for instance, are two elements commonly found in multivitamins that should not be taken together in terms of absorption.
  • Additionally, many of the cheap products sold on the high street are manufactured at scale in faraway countries where you cannot control the quality, and they use loads of fillers. Some brands claim to be British but only finish products here and don't manufacture from scratch.

At Bespoke Biotics, we use mostly vegetarian capsules, which preserve the supplements and are easy to swallow and absorb. Our products are research-led and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, so you can trust. We also offer a money-back guarantee on all of our products.

Choose Bespoke Biotics for Your Health Goals

Whether you are looking for supplements to support your overall health and wellbeing or to target specific health concerns, Bespoke Biotics has the products you need. Our research-led approach and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make us the best choice for your health goals.

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