European Launch 2020

This year we are excited to be bringing a wide range of quality new  supplements to the European market. 

This includes functional  supplements like:

  • OPTINAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine -  A little known but amazing antioxidant  - Used in hospitals but now available as a special supplement that helps with skin, liver and obsessive and compulsive behaviours like OCD and nail biting.
  • Happy times 5 HTP - A natural and very effective mood uplifter
  • CoQ10 300mg With Vitamin B1 for Heart Vitality - Which we have a triple strength dose to help efficacy
  • Neuro L-Tyrosine - A mind friendly amino acid which reduces brain fog and taken in the morning sharpens mental focus.
  • Vitamin D3  - To ward away blues and keep your immune system fighting fit and allergies in control
  • Methylcobalamin B12 - Great for energy production in the body, mood and anaemia
  • 20BN Probiotic & FOS Complex - From a specially selected cohort of probiotics with prebiotic 'fertiliser' to enhance efficacy of a massive 20BN dose
And fantastic herbal supplements:
  • Saw Palmetto Extract  - Brilliant for male health and virility but as the latest studies are now showing great female health as well at an effective dose of 2500mg
  • Moringa  -  The so-called miracle tree nature's complete adaptogen & general tonic which is being raved about around the world.