Press reports that healthy gut biome and probiotics protect against virus diseases.

Everyday it is becoming more and more apparent that actually our body is not just a collection of human cells but rather a composition of human cells, bacteria viruses and even fungi! Our symbiotic relationship with bacteria means that they play a crucial role in all our human activities be that digestion, unexpected thinsg like mood and anxiety, and even immunity. Today it was reported in the I that:

Eating plenty of sauerkraut, bananas, yoghurt, sourdough bread and other foods rich in “probiotic” gut bacteria or food supplements could help people avoid cases of severe and long Covid, a new study suggests.

But Professor Siew Ng, of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, believes people with high levels of good bacteria have a “substantially better” chance of avoiding severe Covid.

Some key points from a study in Medical Dialogues this week :

  • The estimated risk of developing respiratory failure was eightfold lower in people receiving oral probiotic therapy.
  •  Within 72 hours nearly all patients treated with Oral probiotics showed remission of certain symptoms

Apart from taking probiotic supplements, people can boost their bacteria by eating garlic, leeks, wheat, onion, chicory roots, rice, and kimchi, according to the research.

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