NAC (OPTINAC) May Play Role On Coronavirus Treatment

On Feb 25  2020 Science Blog summarised a scientific paper in the journal 

Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases that pointed out that OPTINAC  may be a powerful force in the defence against COVID-19 (Corona Virus) given is well established benefits to the pulmonary system.

They say "Certain nutraceuticals may help to reduce the inflammation in the lungs from RNA viruses and others may also help boost type 1 interferon response to these viruses, which is the body’s primary way to help create antiviral antibodies to fight off viral infections.

The authors draw attention to several randomized clinical studies in humans that have found that over the counter supplements such as n-acetylcysteine [OPTINAC]), which is used to treat acetaminophen poisoning and is also used as a mucus thinner to help reduce bronchitis exacerbations, and elderberry extracts, have evidence for shortening the duration of influenza by about two to four days and reducing the severity of the infection..

[OPTINAC etc] have either been found to reduce the severity of infection or to cut the rate of death in half in animals infected with influenza..

“Therefore, it is clear that certain nutraceuticals have antiviral effects in both human and animal studies,” commented Dr. DiNicolantonio"


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